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Living Word Bible Study

By Overseer-Pastor Adrian Leavell

“No more Procrastination”

Psalm 90:12

Procrastination- to put off or defer until a later time, to postpone, delaying

These are comfort phrases that we use to procrastinate!

I’ll do it next week

I’ll get to it tomorrow

I’ve got time Let’s wait until next time

It won’t kill you to wait

Hebrew 3:7, 8/ Proverbs 27:1

Procrastination is a convenient opportunity for lazy or fearful people to delay responsibilities.

It also has an element of self destruction Proverbs 19:15 Ecc 10:18

Some people procrastinate because they are not confident about their self or their ability in God. This is why it is important to encourage each other. Hebrews 3:13

How do you keep from falling into procrastination?

1 Timothy 4:13/ Psalm 51:10 /Matthew 25:13-30

(Story lesson) (3 people)

Highly Product person/ 5 talents-gained 5

Active person/2 talents-gained 2

Procrastinating person/1 talent-no return

1. Dug up the earth- wasted energy and time

2. Hid the money- not using the money properly

3. After a long time- time procrastinated Note: according to their ability, they then were sent on their journey

*this is provision for the vision!!! Are you Pro-active, Re-active, or a Procrastinator? James 4:17/ Luke 12:47

Something to think about when your spiritual eyes are open John 9:15-41